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‘A good day for Russia’: Trump criticises Biden’s meeting with Putin

Donald Trump says President Joe Biden’s highly anticipated meeting with Vladimir Putin was a “good day for Russia” and questioned what the US “got out of it”.

“I guess the overall is we didn’t get anything, we gave a very big stage to Russia,” he told Fox News.

“We got nothing. We gave up something that was unbelievably valuable. I stopped the pipeline – Nord Stream – and that pipeline was stopped and it was given back and nothing was gotten for it.

“I will say I think it was a good day for Russia. I don’t see what we got out of it.”

Former secretary of state Mike Pompeo said Mr Biden’s decision to not hold a joint press conference with President Putin showed “enormous weakness”.

President Biden, however, said he held his ground with Mr Putin.

“I made it clear that we will not tolerate attempts to violate our democratic sovereignty,” he told the media.

“The bottom line is I told President Putin we need to have some basic rules of the road we can all abide by.”

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