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Advertisers can adjust conversion values in Smart Bidding in the coming weeks

“You can adjust conversion values based on characteristics like location, device, and audience. By applying a rule to these characteristics, you can adjust conversion values to align more closely with your business outcomes,” said Stephen Chang, Product Manager, Google Ads, in an announcement.

This added feature means that businesses can use their inherent knowledge of their industry’s working to improve their conversion rates in Google Ads. For example, suppose advertisers know specific audiences or people in certain locations are most likely to convert. In that case, they can set a rule to multiply the conversion value for the chosen group by two.

“These rules will also be used by maximizing conversion value and Target ROAS to optimize your bids in real-time. Conversion value rules will be available for Smart Bidding across Search, Shopping, and Display over the next few weeks,” wrote Chang.

Source: Google

Why we care. “This is a great feature addition. Love it because it allows businesses to get their intuitive/institutional knowledge into the machine learning to optimize more accurately,” tweeted Robert Brady, PPC expert at Righteous Marketing. Having this available in smart bidding also allows advertisers to tweak campaigns for their individual business goals and adjust as campaigns happen in real-time (like for sales, events, or the like).

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