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Anthony Neuer converts first televised 7-10 split since 1991 on PBA Tour

Anthony Neuer went on to lose the matchup, but the 18-year-old made a lasting impression on the Professional Bowlers Association Tour on Sunday, converting the ultra-uncommon 7-10 split in the U.S. Open semifinal round.

Neuer became the fourth player to knock down the rare 7-10 split during a PBA Tour TV broadcast, and he was the first to accomplish the feat on air since 1991, according to USA TODAY.

While Jakob Butturff beat Neuer National Bowling Stadium in Reno, Nevada, Neuer’s highlight sent the Fox Sports broadcast crew into raucous celebrations.

“My goodness, the ‘Ginger Assassin’ just dropped the 7-10!” commentator Rob Stone yelled. “You bet, kid.”

Neuer is the son of Andy Neuer, who won the PBA Tour title in 1994.

In the U.S. Open final, Chris Via edged Butturff for his first PBA Tour title. Butturff, meanwhile, has finished second in three straight U.S. Open events.

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