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AOC ‘cares more for political gain than taking care of her own grandmother’

Sky News contributor Daisy Cousens says Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was more concerned for political capital gain than wiring her grandmother “a couple of thousand dollars” to fix the state of her living condition.

The remarks come after a conservative commentator launched a GoFundMe page for AOC’s grandmother, whose house AOC said in a social media post was damaged by a hurricane in Puerto Rico.

The fund raised over $100,000 before being taken down by GoFundMe amid AOC’s family refusing the money.

“She would have known that her grandma was living like that for four years – because she’s all across Hurricane Maria,” Ms Cousens said.

“So rather than wiring her grandmother some couple of thousand dollars … she goes down there, takes pictures of the private dwelling, plasters it all over Twitter and uses it to try and gain some Twitter brownie points and of course to have a dig at Donald Trump.”

“When political capital becomes more important than taking care of your grandmother we’ve really got a political problem on the left.”

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