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Arrests made over Hong Kong bomb plot

Hong Kong police have arrested 15 people aged between 15 and 37 on conspiracy to plot terrorist activities. The alleged plot violates the “sweeping national security law,” and police warn more arrests could be made during the investigation. Overnight, three of those who were arrested are due to appear in court in just a few hours, and they have been charged with a variety of terrorism offenses and of course with violating the sweeping national security law,” according to Asia correspondent Adrian Brown.


Mr. Brown said of the 15 who had been arrested, six were in high school, and another two were teenagers, and the arrests help to “justify the reasons for imposing this national security law.

“The government say that they believe the group was involved in a plot to carry out a bombing campaign here in Hong Kong.” “They raided a hotel last week discovering, they say, bomb-making equipment, and they say that some of the targets the group was going after included the cross-harbor tunnel here in Hong Kong as well as several courts. Mr. Brown said the arrests for the bomb plot come when there is a “renewed focus on patriotic education” where children as young as two years old are taught about national security.

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