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As Myanmar’s COVID-19 crisis worsens, Dr Alex says the military has forced him to flee for his life

Medical professionals in Myanmar say they’ve been forced to go into hiding after being violently targeted by police and the military amid a worsening COVID-19 outbreak. It’s been five months since the people of Myanmar started their struggle for a return to democracy. Now the COVID-19 pandemic is taking its toll, and the country is running low on oxygen and face masks to protect themselves.

Lines of people in Myanmar have been filmed desperately trying to get their hands on oxygen and masks as the country enters a new dark chapter, with COVID-19 cases spiking.

According to official statistics, 80 coronavirus deaths and more than 5,000 new cases were reported on Monday alone. With positive results from more than a third of people tested.

There have been more than 200,000 confirmed infections and just over 4,000 deaths since the pandemic began.

Having initially supported the anti-coup protesters, also known as the Civil Disobedience Movement (CDM), Myanmar’s medics have been targeted for reprisals, with many going into hiding.

Attacks by police and the military on medics have been well-documented, with footage capturing shootings, beatings, and arrests on the streets of major urban centers in Myanmar.

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