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Australia-UK free trade agreement won’t ‘matter a huge amount’

The free trade agreement soon to be struck between Australia and the United Kingdom may not “amount to a great hill of beans”, according to political consultant Jim Middleton. We know about this free trade deal that (United Kingdom Prime Minister) Boris Johnson needs it. He has to show something as a consequence of Brexit that leaving the EU is not something which is going to cost Britain a great deal,” he told Sky News.

Mr. Middleton said “something will emerge” from the talks because both Mr. Johnson and Prime Minister Scott Morrison want it, but it does not necessarily mean it will be worth much. In general terms, free trade deals and bilateral agreements aren’t really among a great hill of beans. Look, it’s not that long ago we talked loudly and proudly about the free trade agreement with China, look where that’s ended up.

They don’t matter a huge amount, but in terms of public projection for the British audience for Boris Johnson, he needs it, Scott Morrison wants it, so there will be an announcement of some kind.

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