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Biden administration admitting to censoring disinformation only ‘strengthens’ Trump’s case

Texas Senator Ted Cruz says big tech and the White House are “undoubtedly” colluding together and Jen Psaki’s admission of censoring disinformation only “strengthens” Donald Trump’s lawsuit against social media giants.

In May Facebook banned any content relating to the origins of COVID-19 which included posts that suggested the virus originated from a Chinese laboratory.

That ban has since been revoked by Facebook after President Biden issued a 90 day directive to intelligence agencies to investigate theory.

Mr Cruz was asked by Maria Bartiromo whether he thought the White House and Facebook were “colluding” when it came to what content would be censored. ​

“It’s undoubtedly collusion between big tech and the White House,” he told Fox News.

Under Dr Fauci’s leadership as chief medical adviser – the government’s stance was the virus likely emerged from an infected animal that transmitted to humans.

Last week Press Secretary Jen Psaki told reporters the White House and Facebook were working together to flag any “problematic” posts of disinformation online.

The comments sparked outrage from Americans who believe in freedom of speech.

Earlier this month Donald Trump filed class-action lawsuits against Twitter, Facebook and Youtube for “censoring” the American people.

Ted Cruz believes the press secretary’s comments only “strengthen” the former president’s case.

“I got to say that watching Jen Psaki this week, it is amazing,” he said.

“I kind of wonder if Jen Psaki is on the payroll of Donald Trump because her press conference strengthen President Trump’s lawsuit against big tech.

“It mades clear that everything we thought about the Biden administration, about their willingness to trample on free speech, to trample on the constitution.

“To use government power to silence you, everything we feared they might do they are doing and worse.”

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