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Biden’s meeting with Putin was like a ‘Monty Python sketch’

Sky News contributor Caleb Bond says he thought he was “watching a sketch out of Monty Python” when Joe Biden handed Vladimir Putin a list of 16 critical infrastructure entities which Russia should not hit with cyber-attacks.

President Biden recently travelled to the United Kingdom for the G7 summit with a number of world leaders, including prime ministers Boris Johnson and Scott Morrison, which was then followed by a meeting with his Russian counterpart in Geneva.

“Can you imagine any other world leader going to Vladimir Putin … and saying it’s perfectly fine you’re going to carry on with this hacking business, don’t worry about that, but here is a list of everything that you could absolutely attack and hurt us, and we will hate you forever, on a piece of paper, all for you,” Mr Bond said.

“If any other world leader did that, if Trump did that, he would have been pilloried from kingdom come for weeks.

“And yet you get Joe Biden standing up and admitting openly as if he is proud that he has given this list to Putin of the things that should not, under any circumstances, be targeted.

“How stupid is this bloke?”

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