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It’s that time of year again when the air is crisp, and the autumn winds whisper, “You need to revamp your wardrobe.” No doubt you’re itching for those Labor Day sales — and Nordstrom Rack is where you need to be. The retailer just launched its massive and much-anticipated Clear the Racks event, which means everything currently on clearance is now an additional 25 percent off for a total discount of up to 75 percent.

What can you expect to see on sale? For starters, plenty of shoes, coats, and dresses that transition from season to season. Bold bags and furry boots are also being offered at epically low prices. The sale is only on through September 6, but we don’t anticipate the cream of the crop to be in stock for long. This is the end-of-season sale you’ve been waiting for — and we’ve done the reconnaissance on the best bargains. All you have to do is click…

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