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Carla Zampatti ‘succeeded in staying relevant’ in fashion for over 50 years

The who’s who of the Australian fashion industry is expected to turn out to honor Carla Zampatti at a state funeral at Sydney’s St Mary’s Cathedral.

Carla Zampatti was in the fashion industry for over 50 years and always “succeeded in staying relevant”, according to Style Editor-at-Large at news.com.au Melissa Hoyer.

“What she did so well as each year she was able to take whatever the trends were and really, really evolve them. I think with fashion, it’s such a fickle thing as you know, but she constantly just tried and succeeded in staying relevant,” she told Sky News. Ms. Hoyer said the Carla Zampatti brand kept its multigenerational appeal as they were good clothes from a domestic designer.

There was an aspirational aspect to Carla Zampatti’s designs, no matter your age, whether you were 18 or 80, if you wanted to buy a good, robust and Australian designer, it was ‘oh I’m going to save up for a Carla Zampatti’.” “No matter the socioeconomic status, you still wanted at some stage to have a Carla Zampatti in your wardrobe.”

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