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China building invasion force to isolate Taiwan, test US

As China launches major military exercises in the South China Sea, the Communist regime has made a chilling boast as it tests Joe Biden’s resolve.

Combat aircraft incursions to the west. An aircraft carrier battle group to the east. Beijing is striving to prove it can isolate Taiwan from “foreign intervention” – and break the island democracy’s spirit.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) keeps ramping up its rhetoric.

Beijing is boasting new military exercises prove “the island is surrounded from the east with an aircraft carrier task group and by land-based PLA forces on the west”.

The point of the maneuvers was to show “the (People’s Liberation Army) is capable of surrounding the island of Taiwan, isolating its troops and leaving them nowhere to run and no chance to win if circumstances arise”.

The aggressive assertions relate to the deployment of the aircraft carrier Liaoning and its task force of five escorts to the east coast of the island democracy this week. Simultaneously, the relentless probes of Taiwan’s airspace included a significant “push” by 12 fighters and three support aircraft.

As the drama unfolded, Washington sent the destroyer USS John S. McCain on yet another “freedom of navigation” passage of the disputed Taiwan Strait. At the same time, the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt and its escorts entered the South China Sea from the south.

“In a sense, every time Beijing has upped the bet, Washington has called it,” says Lowy Institute director and ANU Security College fellow Natasha Kassam. “This carries significant risk, particularly of a miscommunication or an accident that escalates in the Taiwan Strait. But this balanced escalation could also be stabilizing. If China is testing the US resolve, Beijing appears to have – to some extent – an answer.”

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