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China ‘made it clear’ its opponents will face arrest, imprisonment

Asia correspondent Adrian Brown says China has made it clear that anyone voicing criticism of the government runs the risk of finding themselves under arrest, imprisoned, or in exile. “We saw on Friday some of Hong Kong’s best-known democracy figures were convicted for taking part in a peaceful protest in 2019. They included Jimmy Lai – and he’s facing three more charges under the draconian national security law,” Mr Brown told Sky News.” “Whatever way you look at it, Jimmy Lai is facing the prospect of the rest of his life in jail, and he is 73 years old.

The law, passed in 2020, makes it easier for China to establish control in the territory and punish those seen as opponents of the Chinese Communist Party. “The court case we saw on Friday is just the beginning. There are hundreds of court cases going on every day in Hong Kong.”

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