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China’s three-child policy is ‘too little, too late’

Asia correspondent Adrian Brown said China’s three child policy is “too little, too late” for a country struggling with an aging population and a fertility rate of 1.3 children per woman.

The three-child policy is an attempt to respond to the falling birth rates which have seen China heavily investing in things like robotics to make up for the shortage of workers.

The policy change has been met with an “outpouring of negativity” on Weibo – China’s heavily censored version of Twitter – with people saying it was “too little, too late” and they could not afford two children, let alone three.

The decision was made by the Politburo Standing Committee, comprised only of men, and is the same agency which forced abortions and sterilisation on those who violated the one-child policy.

“These are not men who have any experience of changing a nappy and yet they’re telling women to go forth and multiply,” Mr Brown told Sky News.

He pointed out the policy change was “particularly sad” for people in their 50s and 60s who wanted to have more children when they were younger and are now unable to.

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