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Coronavirus Australia: Scott Morrison says international borders to remain closed indefinitely

Scott Morrison says he “doesn’t see an appetite” for international travel amid concern over hotel quarantine leaks as the vaccine rollout continues.  Australians dreaming of international travel or reuniting with family members overseas have a long wait on their hands. Prime Minister Scott Morrison confirmed Australia’s strict global border closure will stay in place indefinitely. Speaking to The Daily Telegraph, Mr. Morrison said he “doesn’t see an appetite” for Australia opening to the world at the moment, adding that he intends to be “cautious.

While rolling out the vaccine scheme. He added that he doesn’t believe there is sufficient evidence on the reliability of coronavirus vaccines yet. I think what we see at the moment is the appreciation of the people that the pandemic isn’t going anywhere,” Mr. Morrison said. All I know is once you let [COVID-19] back in again, you cannot get it out. You’ve crossed that threshold.’’ “We continue to roll out the vaccination program, over this year, and in the meantime, I intend to be cautious, it’s in my nature.” He went on to say there is not yet “considerable clinical evidence that tells us transmission is preventable’’ after the jab.

I think Australians want to ensure that the way we’re living at the moment is maintained’’.

It follows Finance Minister Simon Birmingham’s comments on Thursday that international borders opening was unlikely to happen soon because there has been a “clear message” Australians do not want to “risk COVID entering this country”. “It’s tough to put a precise timeline or indicator on it because there’s a range of factors again that will influence that,” he said.

We’re dealing now – in May of 2021 – with arguably a more uncertain global environment with the management of COVID than we had a few months ago,” he said, about India’s spiraling COVID crisis and “uncertainties” surrounding the vaccine. India has been beset by the virus, prompting the government to ban anyone from traveling to Australia if they had been to India in the previous fortnight. The ban will be lifted on May 15. These create uncertainties around aspects of the vaccine rollout, including the duration of effectiveness of vaccines, what it means about other variants of COVID.

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