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COVID-19 infections escalate in India ‘like a tsunami’

Weeks ago, this country was claiming the pandemic was nearing its “endgame”. Today, it reached a terrible virus milestone not seen in the world.

There have been warnings for months this nation of 1.4 billion people was a COVID-19 time bomb. And it appears that the time bomb is now exploding.

The escalating virus situation in India has been likened to a “tsunami” as the nation breaks a terrible new record for daily infections, and the insufficient health care buckles under the weight of it all.

India’s health ministry reported 312,731 new infections in 24 hours on Thursday, the highest daily case count in a single country since the pandemic began more than a year ago. The previous daily record of 300,669 cases was set by the United States in January.

Even more frightening is the quickening pace of the virus spread in India, the world’s second-largest population. Just two months ago, India was reporting fewer than 100 deaths from COVID-19 each day. On Thursday, it said 2104 deaths, and the average daily death toll this week was 1300.

The country is now well and indeed in the league of other worst-hit nations, such as the US and Brazil — today, 40 percent of all new cases are coming from India. With 15.6 million Indians infected since the pandemic, it is now second place in the US for total points.

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