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Covid Victoria: Melbourne woman receives dangerous letter

Karen Pickering has blasted the person behind a dangerous covid letter she branded “f***ing nonsense” after receiving it in her letterbox.

Fury has broken out online after a Melbourne woman received a disturbing note in her letterbox encouraging her to push back against coronavirus safety advice.

Feminist writer Karen Pickering shared an image of the note, containing what she deemed “absolute f***ing nonsense” to her Instagram last week.

The photocopied leaflet contained graphics for vaccines, testing, mask wearing, social distancing and QR code check in, and the wording, “you can say no”.

“No one can force you to do anything. The owner of your body and mind is you,” it read.

Beneath the graphics, there was text that read, “there are laws that provide protection for you to say no”.

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Not only was the letter “dangerous”, its author was aggressively entitled and selfish, according to Pickering.

“This absolute f***ing nonsense was dropped into my letter box. The entitlement! Of living in a country where they have access to medical miracles and not only refusing them, but trying to convince others to refuse them too,” her caption read.

“I wonder if they’d be so committed to vaccine refusal if they lived in a different country where covid is decimating the population.

“The utter selfishness of grandstanding about your individual rights is such a position of privilege. Meanwhile, the rest of us fight a global pandemic in the only way that works – collectively. The f***wittery. The asshattery. The gall. The lack of conscience in putting vulnerable people at risk because you think you know more than the WHO.”

Pickering argued it was unjustifiably “bananas” to refuse to partake in safety measures that were merely mild inconveniences.

“Imagine framing the mild inconvenience of wearing masks, socially distancing, checking in with QR codes, getting tested and, yes, getting vaccinated as a violation of your human rights. What a bunch of bloody bananas.”

More than 700 people liked her post, which attracted comments from dozens of people agreeing with her stance.

Among those to comment was another woman who claimed she too had received similar letters in the mail recently.

“So privileged. The crumbs of society,” another person added.

“Gross. How dangerous and irresponsible. I’ve had similar, calling me to join rallies to protest for my ‘freedom’,” someone else wrote.

“The audacity is really hard to believe,” a third said.

It comes as Covid-19 continues to rage in NSW with 112 cases reported on Monday and three Victorians testing positive after an infected removalist visited from Sydney.

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