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Daniel Andrews reveals he won’t return to work until at least June as he recovers from spinal injury

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has revealed he won’t return to work until at least June as he recovers from a fractured spine and broken ribs

This means he will still be on medical leave when the state budget is handed down on 20 May.

“Thanks to the best of care, I’m making slow and steady progress,” Mr Andrews said on Twitter on Sunday.

“My physio is also going well, but it’s clear I won’t be able to return to work before the State Budget in May. The good news is my team of specialists are confident that I will be back in June.”

The 48-year-old suffered the injury on 9 March after slipping on wet stairs at a Mornington Peninsular holiday rental home.

He was immediately admitted to hospital before being discharged days later to rehabilitate at home. At the time of the injury, he said he would be on leave for “at least six weeks”. 

Mr Andrews recently revealed he has started daily strolls. On Sunday, he said he is now able to walk for almost an hour at a time.

“You only get one chance to properly recover from serious injuries and while it’s frustrating to be away from work, there is no alternative,” he said.

“We just have to wait until the ribs and spinal fracture have properly healed.”

Deputy Premier James Merlino, who also holds the education and mental health portfolios, is acting premier in Mr Andrews’ absence.

Mr Andrews thanked all Victorians who had sent him messages of love and support. “It means a lot,” he said.

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