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Darwin Port agreement ‘negotiated at a different time in Australia-China relations’

China’s behavior has changed since the Port of Darwin lease was signed and it was “negotiated in a very different time” in Australia and China’s diplomatic relationships, according to Perth USAsia Centre Research Director Jeffrey Wilson. “That agreement was negotiated in a very different time in Australia-China relations and indeed China’s behavior globally given what’s changed, the port hasn’t changed, the agreement itself hasn’t changed in that time but what has is how China behaves,” he told Sky News.

Mr. Wilson said Australia was not the only country to be hit with Chinese sanctions on imported goods and said: “China has deteriorating diplomatic relationships” with most western countries. “What happening at the moment is given that new environment, it’s going to be referred back for yet another look at the arrangements and seeing whether what’s in place there is really enough given the kind of behaviors we’ve seen from China.”

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