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Donald Trump’s plans for investigation into Covid-19 leak from China lab

The former US president had drawn up an executive order to inquire where the virus came from and included a bill for Beijing. Donald Trump wanted to hold a special presidential investigation into a Chinese laboratory in Wuhan, accused of leaking Covid-19. The Australian also planned to drag his top health advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci in front of the presidential panel to give evidence about funding the Wuhan lab at the center of the accusations.

It was proposed the inquiry would look something similar to the probes into the 9/11 terror attack and John F. Kennedy’s assassination. Mr. Trump had drawn up an executive order for the investigation, including a bill for compensation from Beijing. Still, his senior economic advisors convinced him to kill it, according to the newspaper. Other officials were worried it would be seen as a political move so close to the November elections.

One senior White House official said: “It was actually an excellent idea, just floated way too late”.

“It would’ve looked very political, and (we) had tried very, very hard to make the China issue non-partisan.”

Details of the investigation

The executive order outlined what would be investigated, including the pandemic’s origins, the economic, social, and political costs to the US, and whether China and its Communist Party used the pandemic to advance their economic, geopolitical, military, or military territorial agendas.

The probe was the idea of Mr. Trump’s trade adviser Peter Navarro, who accused people of being “China apologists” and said it was a mistake to kill the investigation.

“That was the biggest heartbreak in my four years at the White House. I worked really hard to get that commission established,” he told The Australian.

“We had a presidential commission for Pearl Harbor, for the BP oil spill, and for the Kennedy assassination. We need one into the origins of the coronavirus as well.”

According to a yet-to-be-released book, What Really Happened in Wuhan, United States officials also suspected a Covid-19 vaccine had already been created by China before it admitted to the World Health Organisation that there was an outbreak. The book claimed that current US president Joe Biden had shut down a plan to confront China about its Covid-19 cover-up in Geneva and potential breaches of the biological weapons convention.

The White House did not respond to messages seeking comment, reported The Australian. Last week, Mr. Biden ordered an inquiry by US intelligence agencies into Covid-19’s origin, with a report expected in 90 days.

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