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England’s end of restrictions met with ‘disquiet from doctors’

The United Kingdom is experiencing a rise in positive COVID-19 cases, but many restrictions are set to be lifted. Britain’s primarily vaccinated population has helped the country go back to a pre-pandemic normal faster than other countries, but the “far more transmissible” Delta variant has “led to increasing cases”, according to the British Chamber of Commerce CEO David McCredie.

“We all want to see some sort of normality return, and the United Kingdom have obviously mapped out over the last few months a road path, a map to get to that point,” he told Sky News. Mr. McCredie said Britain had seen a recent rise in cases similar to January and February, and there had been “disquiet from doctors” about the effect of lifting restrictions. “It is important to note the UK has been incredibly successful with their vaccine rollout with 87.6 percent or over 46 million having got their first and over 35 million having got their second jab.”

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