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Facebook data leak: Details of 533m users found on hacking site

While the social media giant claims they have the situation under control, the leak is a troubling sign, given Australia’s pending decision. The phone numbers, locations, email addresses, and other personal details of 533 million Facebook users have been found on a website used by hackers. The breach included the records of 32 million US profiles, 11 million UK profiles, and 6 million users members from India, as reported by Business Insider. Although the information (which also included full names.

bios and birthdates) is believed to be a few years old, the publication confirmed it could still provide cybercriminals with the details necessary to scam or impersonate compromised individuals. The leak was first discovered in January 2021 when the co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of respected cybercrime intelligence company Hudson Rock Alon Gal found an automated bot advertising the data on the same hacking forum. Mr. Gal then found the entirety of the data collection on Saturday. Despite this, Facebook’s Director of Strategic Response Communications, Liz Bourgeois, claimed the company has already “found and fixed”. “This is old data that was previously reported on in 2019. We found and fixed this issue in August 2019,” she tweeted.

Mr. Gal, however, has disputed her claims.

“533,000,000 accounts having their personal information leaked is apparently considered ‘fixed’ by Facebook’s definitions,” Mr. Gal tweeted. The cyber security expert also called on the social media giant to improve their management of sensitive user information, stating that members have the right to feel “fed up”.

“I’m reading your comments about Facebook’s data leak, and I can sense people are fed up with their private information being mismanaged; you are absolutely right to feel so,’ he tweeted. “Facebook needs to acknowledge this breach and not with just a “we value your information” statement.”

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