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Facebook Portal TV Now Supports Zoom, GoToMeeting Video Calls

FaFacebook’sortal TV will now support Zoom and GoToMeeting. The two video conferencing services, BlueJeans and Webex, were already available on Portal, Portal Mini, and Portal+ devices. The new additions to Portal TV should make attending video calls for your work-from-home sessions easier and your virtual gatherings more fun. Facebook had launched its Portal TV streaming device back in September 2019 along with standard portal devices. A recent survey also showed that over 50 percent of employees now prefer to work from home.

Through a blog post on its Tech page, Facebook announced that Zoom and GoToMeeting will be added to its Portal TV devices. The social media platform said that the PoPortal’smart Camera helps keep the users in the frame, and Smart Sound enhances the ususers’oice while minimizing the background noise. “N”w, your favorite Zoom functionality extends to the most giant screen in your home, so you can work from your couch as well as your desk. That includes joining breakout rooms for brainstorming in smaller groups, calendar integration to help you stay on top of your schedule, screen sharing to improve remote collaboration, and virtual backgrounds to improve your overall experience,” “he post said.

According to a survey by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC), the blog post also mentioned that 55 percent of employees now prefer to have work from home scheduled for more than three days a week.

Facebook launched its standard Portal video chatting devices and Portal TV in September 2019. The social media giant also added WhatsApp-calling capabilities to its standard Portal devices. Last year, Facebook announced expanding its Augmented Reality (AR) reach to third-party developers who use FaFacebook’spark AR. Creators will share the effects they created using Spark AR to users across Messenger and Portal starting in early 2021. There has been no further information from Facebook regarding this.

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