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Fauci more concerned with looking like ‘Brad Pitt’ than fighting the pandemic: Kayleigh McEnany

Former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany has castigated Dr Anthony Fauci, insisting America’s chief medical adviser is busy bragging about how he “looks like Brad Pitt” when he should be “putting in the work” to end the pandemic.

“This guy’s on InStyle magazine? This guys doing Facebook lives?

“He’s not putting in the work but he is emailing about how he looks like Brad Pitt. It is just remarkable and I’m glad he’s being held to account.”

Dr Anthony Fauci has been at the centre of a scandal after BuzzFeed published 3,200 of his emails.

The emails show Dr Fauci dismissing the Wuhan lab leak theory early into the pandemic and claiming it is more likely COVID-19 originated in nature before the novel pathogen jumped into humans.

Ms McEnany told a Fox News panel Dr Fauci has been wrong on “so many counts”.

“The mask situation he was wrong on,” she said.

“The Wuhan lab situation he was wrong on. He was also wrong to tell President Trump not to ban travel from China.

“He was wrong to say asymptomatic spread would not be a driver of this. He was wrong on so many counts.”

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