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First wooden satellite set to be launched into space

The first wooden satellite is being launched into space which was previously thought to be impossible due to the degradability of timber, according to ANU astrophysicist and cosmologist Dr Brad Tucker.

“There is a lot of radiation and solar winds, there’s a lot of environment from space that doesn’t wear and destroy it, there’s also the temperature changes,” he told Sky News.

“One of the reasons why they haven’t really thought it was possible was because of these exact situations, wood isn’t that durable a material.”

Dr Tucker said the breakthrough came when scientists realised the satellite would only work “for a couple of years”, helping to cut down on debris in space.

“So the benefit of a wooden satellite is when it eventually re-enters, it essentially will burn completely up.”

“It’s a real safe way of limiting the pollution in space which is a big name of the game which is lessening the amount of space junk we have up there.”

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