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Football is a ‘great leveller and unifier’

Commercial Litigator and Columnist Caroline Di Russo says in what has been a “tumultuous” 18 months for Europe, it’s almost “a relief” to see some sort of normalcy return to a sport that’s practically a religion – football.

It comes as football fever has gripped England, and parts of Europe, ahead of the upcoming Euro 2020 final.

The match will be held at Wembley Stadium and will see England take on Italy in front of 60,000 fans.

“With England hosting and 65% of its population fully vaccinated, it’s giving the world a glimpse of what learning to live with the virus might just look like,” she said.

Ms Di Russo said at the ABC, they’ve “poured cold water” on the Euros, after a recent article looked at the hidden consequences that sporting events often have.

“Remember, football is an international sport; it’s not perfect but it’s a great leveller and unifier,” Ms Di Russo said.

“And while no one wants to see fallout from the Euros, the world has been browbeaten by the pandemic”.

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