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Free Trade Agreement good news unless climate change ‘gets in the way’: Alan Jones

Sky News host Alan Jones says the new in-principle agreement on a free trade deal between Australia and the UK should be “good news” – so long as climate change “doesn’t get in the way”.

“You might recall, and Peta and I have talked about this, it [Free Trade Agreement] was going to be conditional on Australia’s climate change policies,” Mr Jones said.

“The British Prime Minister said he was impressed by our climate change ambition and that Scott Morrison had committed to zero emissions by 2050.

“Our Prime Minister hasn’t said that in Australia.

“Now it might be Scotty from marketing giving some ground to get the free trade agreement over the line, because it covers everything from business travel to cheaper trade in both directions.

“The free trade agreement makes it easier for young people to live and work in either country.

“The UK is our fifth largest trading partner as it is. Last financial year we exchanged goods and services worth $36.7 billion.

“So this should be good news, so long as climate change doesn’t get in the way.”

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