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French company investigates report of Chinese nuclear plant leak

A French nuclear firm said it was working to resolve a “performance issue” linked to a gas build-up at a plant it part-owns in southern China, following a US media report of a potential leak there. CNN reported earlier that the US government is assessing a leak report at the Taishan Nuclear Power Plant in populous Guangdong province after the French company, Framatome, warned of an “imminent radiological threat”.

French nuclear firm Framatome says it is investigating reports of a leak at the Taishan Nuclear Power Plant in China.

EDF, the majority owner of Framatome, said in a statement that it had requested an extraordinary meeting of the power plant’s board “for management to present all the data and the necessary decisions”.

Framatome said in a statement to AFP that it is “supporting the resolution of a performance issue” at the plant.

“According to the data available, the plant is operating within the safety parameters,” the company said.

EDF later said an “increase in the concentration of certain noble gases in the primary circuit of reactor no. 1” at Taishan, referring to a part of the reactor’s cooling system.

Noble gases are elements like argon, helium, and neon, which have low chemical reactivity. Their presence in the system “is a known phenomenon, studied and provided for in the reactor operating procedures,” EDF said.

Not at ‘crisis level

Citing a letter from Framatome to the US energy department, CNN said the warning included an accusation that the Chinese safety authority was raising the acceptable limits for radiation outside the facility to avoid having to shut it down. But a US official told the broadcaster that the administration of President Joe Biden believes the facility is not yet at “crisis level”. The operator of the power station, state-owned China General Nuclear Power Group, said in a statement on Sunday evening that “the environmental indicators of Taishan Nuclear Power Plant and its surroundings are normal”.

French nuclear firm Framatome says it investigates reports of a leak at the Taishan Nuclear Power Plant in China. It did not reference any leak or incident at the power station, which it said meets “the requirements of nuclear safety regulations and power plant technical specifications.” The International Atomic Energy Agency, a UN body, said it had contacted its counterpart in China regarding the issue. At this stage, the Agency has no indication that a radiological incident occurred,” the IAEA said in a statement, adding that it would share more information “as it becomes available”. AFP did not immediately respond to a request for comment from either the Chinese foreign ministry or the Chinese nuclear power group.

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