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George Floyd’s brother speaks out against police brutality

George Floyd’s brother Philonise Floyd shared fond memories of their relationship and criticized police brutality in America in an exclusive interview with Sky News. “To everybody else, they see a case, but I don’t see a case. I see my brother, I see someone I grew up with,” he told Sky News.

Mr Floyd said having to rewatch the footage of his brother getting “tortured to death” by Derek Chauvin was an emotional rollercoaster and he hoped justice prevailed.

“I hope justice gets served and he gets convicted, it’s not right that African American people, we never get justice, we constantly have to worry about people killing us.” “Police are here to protect us; that’s what they are sworn in to do, but at that time, my brother was killed over a $20 bill, my brother died right there in front of a store.”

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