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If you’ve shopped for groceries this week, you might agree that the only thing there hasn’t been a shortage of lately is deficiencies themselves. For anyone trying to stay ahead of the game by stocking up on healthy products like pumpkin and cooking oil, industry insiders just revealed that there may also be a potential shortage of not-so-healthy picks, like soda. On a quarterly call to report sales this week, Coca-Cola’s chief executive officer predicted the possibility of a Coke shortage while also hinting at “missed opportunities” and “stalling consumer sentiment” related to Coke products.

On Wednesday morning, Coca-Cola chairman and CEO James Quincey and chief financial officer John Murphy shared a quarterly revenue update with investors and representatives present from international central banks. According to a transcript via Seeking Alpha, Quincey said that overall, Coke “saw continued momentum” from mid-summer through September, noting that this followed “a strong start to the year.”

However, Quincey said challenges the company continues to face are that their international markets are all at various stages of reopening. He mentioned “issues in shipping and freight and availability of labor” as factors that have affected Coke’s supply chain, specifically in the U.S., as well as a bottling plant in Brazil that “went offline because it burst into flames.”

Fortunately for Coke fans, it may not be necessary to rush straight out and grab every case of product you can find. Quincey said that in the U.S., all remains well in general: “We maintained strong momentum in North America despite the COVID resurgence in many states [that led to] to stalling consumer sentiment and supply chain challenges that resulted in both missed opportunities and incremental costs,” he said. He also provided assurance that the company is “working with the bottlers” and making sure the company has “enough buffered availability of ingredients and concentrate.” Adding: “We manage that accordingly with [bottlers] in every year and particularly this one.”

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