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When Nick Abraham got an unexpected phone call from his mum on Saturday morning, he ignored it. But the builder’s inbox was soon inundated with messages and emails about the looming shutdown of construction in Greater Sydney from Monday until 30 July. Just over two hours after the announcement by the Premier, he was back on-site with a small crew of employees and subcontractors

Wrestling with a tarp in windy conditions to seal up a home renovation on the city’s North Shore. It’s been a scramble, just trying to figure out how we were going to manage,” he told SBS News. “It’s really just racing to get the roof on if we can possibly do it, and then if not, we have to come up with some other solution.

Nick Abraham, founder of Interlock Construction

SBS News

Once the new measures come into force, Mr. Abraham’s workers won’t be allowed onto the site until August. He operates Interlock Construction, a small firm of around 10 full-time staff and a pool of about 20 contractors, with offices in Australia and Nepal. Mr. Abraham said he planned to support all his impacted employees and hopes to assist his contractors.

A crew member at Interlock Construction


“Everyone was wondering what financial assistance they’re going to receive, and we told everyone like we’ll pay the wages, it’s all good,” Mr. Abraham said. “We’ll figure it out, and when we get the information – as it gets revealed to us from the government – I’m sure there’ll be some subsidies.” “The Premier and Dr. Kerry Chant have been doing a great job with the information they have at the time.” The construction industry has been allowed to operate throughout the pandemic, including during Melbourne’s second wave.

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