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Grandmother mauled to death by neighbour’s dogs in Rowley Regis

An 85-year-old grandma was mauled to death by her neighbor’s dogs in an attack that has been described as “absolutely horrific”. On Friday, a grandmother suffering from dementia was mauled to death by two escaped pitbull-type dogs after they leaped into her garden. The woman, 85, was savaged in the English town of Rowley Regis, West Midlands, by two of her neighbor’s dogs.

Locals said the woman suffered from dementia, with a source adding the attack was “absolutely horrific”.

They told The Sun: “The poor woman was dragged around the garden. Her injuries were on her neck.

“They mauled her neck. It’s just horrendous. The dogs managed to escape through into her garden.”

Another stunned person said: “Her neighbor said they had just had a new fence put in as well, and the dogs managed to destroy a panel at the back of the shed and got into her garden, and they never left.

Apparently, they went for her throat like a dog would with a toy.

Speaking at a press conference today, Superintendent Phil Asquith said: “Our officers attended, by which point the dogs had returned through a hole in the fence to the adjacent property and then, unfortunately, despite the best efforts of medical professionals, that lady died at the scene.

“An operation was then underway to secure the dogs. They were tranquilized and transported subsequently to ensure kennels where they currently remain, and they are being tested to determine their breed.

“Fortunately, these types of incidents are rare. This presented a no broader threat to the public.

“It was a hole in adjacent premises, so they weren’t running in the streets.”


An elderly neighbor who lives opposite the house said: “I know she’s an old lady like myself, and I know she’s called Lucille and old.

“I never heard what happened, but it’s so horrible I feel so terrible about it all.”

One person claimed they had seen the dogs being walked before and “seemed to be well behaved”.

A neighbor who didn’t want to be named added: “We just came at around 4pm, and there were just so many police cars and everything blocking the road.

“We never heard anything that happened, and I’m not sure who actually lives there.

“But I do know the neighbor had two dogs which lived at the address. It’s just terrible what’s happened.”

It’s just horrific what’s happened, and we’re so shocked. If she’s an elderly lady in her 80s, she would have stood no chance. Another neighbor who lives nearby said: “We had no idea what had happened, but as I was walking past, I just heard ‘Where’s the dog?’

“I’m not sure where the dogs came from, but I know an elderly lady lived at the address.

“It’s just horrific what’s happened, and we’re so shocked if she’s an elderly lady, in her 80s she would have stood no chance.” Another neighbor said: “I think from what I’ve heard there was a broken fence and they’ve escaped through to there and mauled her to death.

“It’s just horrible what’s happened. I didn’t know her personally, but it’s terrible.”


A 43-year-old man has been arrested for being in charge of a dog dangerously out of control, and death is caused.

He has been bailed pending further inquiries after being quizzed by cops.

The two dogs have been seized and will be examined to find out what breed they are.

Armed police were at the scene, and a dog was seen being carried from a house.

Cops said: “A police scene and presence will remain in place in the area as we work to establish the full circumstances of what happened.

“Our thoughts are with the family and friends of the woman at this deeply distressing time.”

This article was first published in The Sun and has been republished here with permission.

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