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‘High risk’ Afghanistan will fall into the hands of Taliban after troop withdrawal

Western forces should not withdraw all troops from Afghanistan as there is a “high risk” the middle-eastern nation could fall back into the hands of the Taliban within a decade, says the Australian Strategic Policy Institute’s Peter Jennings.

The United States plans to withdraw all troops from Afghanistan by September 11 this year, marking 20 years since the devastating 9/11 attacks which provoked the initial US incursion.

Mr Jennings said the risk around the Taliban taking control of Afghanistan centres on the likelihood of terrorist organisations like Al-Qaeda and Islamic State rooting themselves in the nation where they can “plan to attack the west”.

“It just remains the case that the Afghan government and the military are weak,” he said.

“They need a garrison of forces there, be it American or Australian or European, to help inject a bit of spine into their military capabilities.

“For the cost of 2,500 American troops, which is actually what the Americans bring to Darwin every year with the marine core, it is a better way to secure American and global security interests to have that garrison there.”

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