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Horrifying moment man sucker punches & kills mum-of-two ‘to vent his anger’

CCTV cameras have captured the horrifying moment a man lashed out and killed a mother in a fit of rage.

A man sucker-punched a mum-of-two, knocking her unconscious before killing her, setting his own apartment on fire, and killing himself – after rowing with his girlfriend.

Washington Andrade de Jesus, 36, allegedly murdered his neighbor Aline dos Santos Viana, 32, in a misdirected rage at their apartment building in the Sao Vicente, southeastern Brazil, on April 9.

The young mother was leaving her apartment on the same floor as Andrade de Jesus‘ residence to head to work when she was callously attacked and killed.

Both tenants were seen on security camera footage in the same lift of the challenging moments before the attack – without exchanging a word between them. Andrade de Jesus then loiters in the garage, lying in wait to strike the unsuspecting Aline, who seems to have simply been in the wrong place at the wrong time – and “suffered what his wife didn’t.” The suspect stands behind her and sucker-punches Aline in the face as she turns around – knocking the 32-year-old unconscious in one fell swoop.

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