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Horrifying moment man sucker punches & kills mum-of-two ‘to vent his anger’

CCTV cameras have captured the horrifying moment a man lashed out and killed a mother in a fit of rage.

A man sucker-punched a mum-of-two knocking her unconscious, before killing her, setting his own apartment on fire, and killing himself – after rowing with his girlfriend.

Washington Andrade de Jesus, 36, allegedly murdered his neighbour Aline dos Santos Viana, 32, in a misdirected rage at their apartment building in the Sao Vicente, southeastern Brazil on April 9.

The young mother was leaving her apartment, which was on the same floor as Andrade de Jesus‘ residence, to head to work when she was callously attacked and killed.

Both tenants were seen on security camera footage in the same lift of the complex moments before the attack – without exchanging a word between them.

Andrade de Jesus then loiters in the garage, lying in wait to strike the unsuspecting Aline, who seems to have simply been in the wrong place at the wrong time – and “suffered what his wife didn’t.”

The suspect stands behind her and sucker-punches Aline in the face as she turns around – knocking the 32-year-old unconscious in one foul swoop.

Andrade de Jesus, who had earlier been embroiled in a fiery row with his partner, then drags her lifeless body away.

Aline‘s concerned husband, Charles da Silva Vicente, began looking for his wife after her boss alerted him that she had not shown up for work.

Charles headed to the garage, sensing something was wrong when he found Alina‘s motorbike still parked up with the keys in the ignition.

After approaching the building manager for assistance, the pair tragically found Alina‘s body slumped near the staircase, before alerting cops.

But a telling trail of blood reportedly led straight to Andrade de Jesus‘ apartment – which then began filling with smoke.

As officers arrived, a loud thud was heard – the suspect throwing himself from his seventh-floor window.

He died upon impact with the ground.

According to Charles, the couple barely knew their violent neighbour – who worked as a security guard – by sight, despite living in such close proximity.

The complex case is being treated as a homicide and detectives are now investigating whether the victim was sexually assaulted.

According to local media, Andrade de Jesus‘ sister and girlfriend told police he had a history of drug addiction, but say he had been clean for a year.

Devastated Charles told news site G1, “He fought with his wife that same day… I think he was unable to beat his wife, who had left the house, and he targeted my wife. I think my wife suffered what his wife didn’t.”

Alina‘s official cause of death has not yet been determined.

She is survived by her husband and two daughters, who are aged 3 and 7 months old.

This article originally appeared in The Sun and was republished with permission

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