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Hunter Biden ‘truly doesn’t know’ whether laptop is his, he claims in CBS interview

Continuing his recent media blitz, Joe Biden’s son Hunter was asked about a critical question that rocked last year’s election campaign. President Joe Biden’s son Hunter has claimed he “truly does not know” whether or not the mysterious laptop that rocked US politics during last year’s election campaign is his. In October, less than a month before the election, The New York Post published emails purportedly drawn from the hard drive of a laptop owned by Hunter, which is described as a “smoking gun” regarding his business interests in Ukraine and China. Hunter had reportedly left the computer at a computer repair shop in Delaware. When he did not return to retrieve it, the store’s owner contacted the FBI and Donald Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani.

The actual laptop is now believed to be in the FBI’s possession. Mr. Giuliani is the person who gave the files, allegedly from its hard drive to the newspaper, though the emails have never been verified due to a lack of metadata. Mr. Trump repeatedly cited the story before the election as evidence of the Bidens’ “major corruption”, calling it the “laptop from hell” and publicly urging the Department of Justice to launch an investigation.

Hunter Biden has been doing the rounds in US media recently to promote his memoir Beautiful Things, in which he opens up about his struggles with substance abuse.

In an interview that aired yesterday, he confessed that at one point, he went “13 days without sleeping” while “smoking crack and drinking vodka exclusively”.

In a second interview today, which aired on the show CBS This Morning, host Anthony Mason went into more detail about Hunter’s business dealings, asking whether they “ever crossed a line”.

He expressly referred to Hunter’s decision to take a job on the board of Burisma, a Ukrainian energy company, while his father was overseeing US policy in the region as Barack Obama’s vice president.

As you may recall, Mr. Trump got himself impeached by pressuring the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, to announce an investigation into the Bidens and specifically Hunter’s role with Burisma.

Hunter told Mason that, given a choice, he would not take the job with Burisma again. “I didn’t fully comprehend the level to which this former administration and the people around it would go,” he said.

  • “I don’t want to ever again hand a weapon to people that would use it illegitimately.”
  • At this point, Mason brought up the laptop.
  • “Is that laptop yours?” he asked.
  • “You don’t need a laptop. You’ve got a book. It’s all in the book,” said Hunter.
  • “And I don’t know. The serious answer is that I truly do not know the answer to that.”
“Did you leave a laptop with a repairman?” Mason asked.

“Not that I remember, no. But whether or not somebody has my laptop, whether or not it was a – I was hacked, whether or not there exists a laptop all, I truly don’t know,” he replied.

“Are you missing a laptop?” asked Mason.

“Not that I know of. But read the book, and you’ll realize that I wasn’t keeping tabs on possessions very well for about four years,” Hunter said.

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