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‘I just don’t buy this’ after Obama acknowledges the ‘dangers’ of cancel culture

Sky News host Cory Bernardi says he just “does not buy” former US President Barack Obama’s comments on cancel culture going “overboard”.

Mr Obama said in an interview on US Television that he had discussions about cancel culture with his daughter who “acknowledged” cancel culture going “overboard” on college campuses.

“I’m almost lost for words. This was the race baiter-in-chief when he was president of course,” Mr Bernardi said.

“He fuelled the Black Lives Matter movement, he tried to destroy the police and attack everyone on the base of race, if you criticised him of course you were racist.

“I just don’t buy this. I think his kids are probably more balanced I think they’ve had a reasonably liberal upbringing and they’ve experienced some of the more interesting sides of life and that means maybe, just maybe they realise how crazy the world is going.

“And Barack Obama thinks well, okay, they might have a point – who knows.”

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