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India COVID-19: Baby dies on hospital doorstep from coronavirus

Shocking footage from the doorstep of a hospital in COVID-ravaged India has revealed the nation’s terrifying new low. WARNING: Distressing

WARNING: Distressing content

Footage from the doorstep of a hospital in India represents a new low for a nation ravaged by the coronavirus.

Video from King George Hospital in the southeastern coastal state of Andhra Pradesh shows a 16-month-old baby girl dying in the back of a van while her father desperately pumps oxygen into her lungs by hand.

Her mother screams and cries for help, but no support comes. The little girl, who local reporters say tested positive for COVID-19, died 90 minutes after the video was recorded.

Filmmaker Uma Sudhir from Indian news media company New Delhi Television Ltd shared the distressing moments on Twitter.

“A mother wailing/pleading in front of King George Hospital asking for admission & treatment for her 16-month old baby girl who reportedly tested (positive for COVID-19); she says ‘we don’t want a bed, just treat my baby’; the baby died after 90 minutes at the doorstep of (hospital),” she wrote.

“Father constantly pressing (ambulance) bag to keep his baby alive as he says baby first tested negative in rapid antigen test, then tested positive, she was denied treatment in hospitals & brought to biggest & govt hospital but died without treatment.”

The baby girl is one of the countless victims. They have died outside hospitals while waiting for emergency care, and oxygen as India’s healthcare system collapses under the weight of an unprecedented second wave.

India on Thursday recorded a new record rise in coronavirus cases with 379,257 and 3645 deaths, taking the country’s overall chances to 18 million.

According to health ministry data, India’s death toll also rose above 200,000; however, experts fear the actual death toll could be much higher.

Help is on its way in the form of $100 million in supplies from the US, including nearly one million instant tests.

The White House said the first lot would arrive on Thursday in New Delhi via a military plane, days after President Joe Biden promised to step up assistance to the emerging US ally.

The first shipment includes 960,000 rapid tests, which can detect COVID-19 in 15 minutes, and 100,000 N95 masks for frontline health workers

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