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Ingenuity flight is ‘beginning of a golden age of space exploration’

The successful flight of the Ingenuity helicopter on Mars by NASA marks the beginning of an era of space exploration which will be “far more significant in many respects than the Apollo era,” according to ASPI’s Dr. Malcolm Davis. “It’s a great achievement when you think about it; we’ve gone from Wright flyer in 1903 to flying helicopters on Mars in 2021; that’s a little under 120 years of progress,” he told Sky News.


“It does beg the question where do we go in the next 120 years, I certainly do think we’ll be seeing a lot more of Ingenuity up in the air, but it blazes the trail for future helicopter and drone-type technology being used on Mars and indeed other planets.” Dr. Davis said the robotic and aviation technology will allow us to “lay the groundwork for human exploration further into the future” starting with a broader range of exploration on Mars. “This is the beginning of a golden age of space exploration that will be far more significant in many respects than the Apollo era because it really is about making humanity a multi-planet species and having a permanent presence in space.”

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