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‘Israel is almost back to normal’: Epidemiologist touts successful vaccine rollout

Israel’s COVID-19 vaccine rollout has been a model example amid a global effort to fight the pandemic as many countries struggle to execute an inoculation program – including Australia.

About 5.3 million people – more than half the population – have been vaccinated in Israel.

Ben Guron University epidemiologist Dr. Nadav Davidovitch told Sky News they were nearing herd immunity but were awaiting approval for a vaccine for children.

“Israel is almost back to normal,” he said.

Dr. Davidovitch also touted the country’s pass system, which sees vaccinated residents, people who have recovered from COVID, and those doing a rapid test issued with a “green pass”.

This is mainly for going to the theatre of sports events.

He said he hoped vaccines could be secured “for our Palestinian neighbors because … we cannot get into herd immunity in our region, we are not an island”.

“This is important, both from moral accounts and also from Israeli … interests.”

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