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‘It’s now chestfeeding’ not breastfeeding

Sky News host Rita Panahi says activists who infiltrated the Australian Breastfeeding Association are creating a “storm” with a guide about how men can take chemicals to “chestfeed”.

“There’s this conflict where these activists have infiltrated the group,” she said.

“The people who are associated with the group typically care about women, they care about women’s spaces, they care about the importance of breastfeeding, they’re not interested in the activism of the trans movement and this move to have men take certain chemicals and then be able to lactate and chestfeed.”

The Australian reported the Australian Breastfeeding Association guide was the result of a $20,000 two-year project with Rainbow Families.

Ms Panahi said people “terrified” of speaking about the guide have opted to do so anonymously.

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