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Jeremy Vine, British TV host, implies Prince Philip’s ‘all white’ funeral could be seen as racist

A prominent television host has sparked outrage for seeming to imply that the upcoming funeral for Prince Philip could be seen as racist. A famous British television presenter has been slammed for making Prince Philip’s upcoming funeral an issue of race. Jeremy Vine, the host of a self-titled chat show on BBC 5, was discussing the death of Queen Elizabeth’s husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, and the drastically scaled-down formalities due to COVID-19. He then asked one of his guests, Shay Grewal, a radio star, to relate to the small number of attendees that furious critics believe amounts to “race-baiting”. We are going to see a group of 30 people at this very local funeral, and I imagine it will be 30 people who are white,” Vine said. “I’m just trying to think

whether there’s anybody of color in there and I don’t think so. “Do you think that’s a problem?” Grewal responded that she didn’t view it as a problem because “at the end of the day, the Royal Family are a family” The conversation quickly moved on, but Vine’s odd question sparked fury online. The phrase “race-baiting” refers to behavior that deliberately encourages racism – often subtly – to score some kind of advantage. In Vine’s case, critics claim the question was a ham-fisted attempt to create outrage and garner attention.

That’s undoubtedly worked – but not in the way he probably intended.

The political adviser and commentator Calvin Robinson was quick to lay in, tweeting: “I’m so tired of this divisive narrative. Identity politics has taken over, and it’s insidious.” Patrick Christys, a talkback radio host in the UK, was equally incensed. He wrote: “The only ‘problem’ Jeremy Vine is people like you trying to race-bait Prince Philip’s funeral. It’s hardly a shock that our white-skinned Queen & Prince Philip didn’t have any mixed-race children, and those children happened to marry white people & they’re at the funeral. So what? Many other posts slammed Vine, labeling him as everything from “ghastly” to “desperate”. It was also pointed out that another segment on the same episode was devoted to a debate about whether cheese is racist.

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