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Joe Biden did ‘absolutely nothing’ to further USA’s interest during first trip abroad

US President Joe Biden achieved “absolutely nothing” during his first trip abroad in terms of furthering America’s interest, according to former US naval intelligence officer John Jordan.

President Biden recently travelled to the United Kingdom for the G7 summit with a number of world leaders including Prime Ministers Boris Johnson and Scott Morrison which was then followed by a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Geneva.

Mr Jordan told Sky News the president “got back in one piece” and “that’s something to be happy about”.

“In terms of furthering America’s interest, he achieved absolutely nothing,” he said.

“The NATO meeting, he did not insist – as President Trump had – that NATO pay its fair share of Europe’s collective defence burden and live up to the agreements that were made in Wales years ago, or each member of NATO would spend two per cent of their GDP on defence.”

President Biden also “relaxed sanctions” on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline between Russia and Germany.

“President Trump was the one that was allegedly soft on the Russians, Biden actually gave the Russians what they really really wanted and got nothing in return,” Mr Jordan said.

“No Americans that were imprisoned in Russia were returned, there was no agreement, no effort by the Russians to step up their efforts to stop cybercrime.

“So if the goal of the Biden administration was just to go and give away the store, and have some TV appearances, it would be a success.”

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