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Joe Biden ‘picked up great tailwinds’ from Trump’s Project Warp Speed

President Joe Biden “picks up some great tailwinds” from the Trump administration aiding the rapid vaccine rollout in the US, according to US Studies Centre CEO Simon Jackman. “This is where I think Biden picks up some great tailwinds from Project Warp Speed, the Trump administration initiative,” he told Sky News.


“The vaccines and multiple fibers of vaccines were the strategies deployed by the Trump administration to bring vaccines to the US marketplace.”

Mr. Jackman said the rapid production of COVID-19 vaccines was a “demonstration of US scientist technical capability for multiple US drug companies”. Still, he said President Biden had his own breakthrough with the rollout.

“The breakthrough, I think, is the Biden administration signaling the state and local governments, in particular, to tell us what you need, and deploying assets like the National Guard.”

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