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Joe Biden ‘struggled to even communicate’ amid ‘clear cognitive issues’

Joe Biden “clearly has cognitive issues” and recently “struggled to even communicate” when talking about Russian President Vladimir Putin, says Sky News host Sharri Markson.

Ms Markson said President Biden “struggled to lay a glove on Putin during their first face to face meet”.

“The left don’t seem to care if their president is not fully capable of mental clarify, as long as he’s not Trump”.

Ms Markson also assessed the recent G7 Summit.

She said Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison “had a win on the world stage at the G7 with China”.

“It was a significant shift with Europe finally starting to acknowledge the threat China poses, after repeated warnings from the US and Australia”.

“The origins of COVID was also a topic at the G7, where leaders reiterated calls for an inquiry into how the pandemic started”.

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