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Joe Biden’s ‘ambitious visions’ are seen as ‘empty platitudes’

Joe Biden lays out “ambitious visions”; however, Republicans view his words as “empty platitudes,” according to US Studies Centre non-resident fellow James Brown. President Biden recently gave his first primary address to a joint sitting of Congress, declaring America is “on the move again”. He spoke on national security, climate change, COVID-19, and even called on Congress to work with the White House and “end cancer as we know it”. According to Mr Brown, the most exciting part of Biden’s speech was the “core Democratic Party values,” which the president tried to lay out in the economic recovery plan.


“A lot of references to unions, and indeed talking about some legislation that he wants Congress to deliver him to make union operations easier,” he told Sky News.

“This was a speech playing very much to his base and laying out a very ambitious vision”. However, Joe Biden has laid out ambitious visions before. Still, he talked about ending cancer “five years ago as the vice president of the United States,” according to Mr. Brown.”“So of course, the Republicans can say:”great words, but at the end of the day, these are just going to be empty platitude’’””

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