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Kamala Harris speech on illegal border entry uses ‘almost exact same language’ as Trump

Sky News Washington correspondent Anneliese Nielsen says Kamala Harris’ speech in Guatemala to warn against illegal entry into the US used “almost the exact same language” as former US President Donald Trump.

“This is almost the exact same language we saw from Donald Trump,” Ms Nielsen said.

“The difference was Donald Trump was backing his up by saying look we’re going to hit you with some pretty tough monetary sanctions if you guys don’t take this under control.

“What was kind of flying under the radar there, but was quite significant, is a part of this whole visit is Kamala Harris saying they’re going to crack down on corruption in Central America.

“That seems like … a way of saying we’re going to make sure this hurts for you economically if you guys don’t get this under control – but it’s all a little more diplomatic in its language.”

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