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Kayleigh McEnany rips into CNN’s ‘softball’ interview with Jen Psaki

Kayleigh McEnany has blasted the media’s coverage of the Biden administration – arguing CNN’s Brian Stelter is a “leftist lapdog and not a serious journalist” following his interview with Jen Psaki.

Ms McEnany was on Fox News where she reacted to CNN’s “softball” interview with Ms Psaki, the White House press secretary.

The CNN host was slammed for not asking Ms Psaki hard-hitting questions but instead asked “what does the press get wrong?”

Mr Stelter was called out for the “bootlicking” interview.

Many Republicans argued he was “grovelling” to Ms Psaki.

Ms McEnany said she “wished” she was asked questions like Ms Psaki.

“It was that kind of inane, ludicrous coverage of the Trump administration that stands in such stark contrast to what the press is doing wrong in Joe Biden’s America,” she said.

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