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Man tests positive to COVID-19 after travelling from Indonesia to Darwin by yacht

A 70-year-old man who traveled from Indonesia to Darwin on his own yacht has tested positive for COVID-19. Authorities say the man is the only new virus case reported in the Northern Territory in the past 24 hours. He arrived in the Territory on 13 July and is in quarantine under the NT Centre for National Resilience with mild symptoms. The case came as coronavirus fragments were also detected in wastewater samples in Darwin, although authorities say there’s no risk to the broader community.

A continued surveillance program detected the fragments at the Ludmilla Treatment Plant, which is the catchment for wastewater from more than 10 Darwin suburbs.

The Centre for Disease Control has confirmed some people have recently been at the Howard Springs quarantine facility who live in this area and are likely shedding the virus fragments following their recovery.

These people are not infectious and there is no risk to the community,” NT Health said.

Further testing of wastewater across Darwin and in the Ludmilla catchment will be conducted to monitor the situation. The Northern Territory is currently dealing with four other active local COVID-19 infections, and four returned travelers cases. It has border restrictions and quarantine requirements for NSW, Victoria, Queensland, and South Australia.

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