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‘Neighbour from hell’ faces new charges after scaring off potential home buyers

A woman allegedly used disturbing tricks to scare off potential home buyers next door, with the help of a female mannequin head.

A woman with a long history of terrorising neighbours faced new charges this week after allegedly harassing real estate agents and prospective buyers looking at the home next door.

Lori E. Christensen, from Minnesota, US, was charged with two counts of felony stalking this week after repeated efforts to frighten off potential home buyers, according to local reports.

Among other disturbing eccentricities, the woman dubbed the “neighbour from hell” reportedly keeps the head of a female mannequin mounted on a stake on her deck and turns the head to face her neighbours when she’s agitated.

Charges filed in Ramsey County Court on Friday allege that Christensen, 57, photographed and videotaped clients, posted “No Trespassing” signs facing the for-sale property, taunted real estate agents, harassed cops and city officials with a variety of complaints, and yelled disparaging remarks at clients, including claims that “meth users” had lived in the home.

“My buyers actually liked the house and really liked the location, but we had an encounter with the neighbour which completely convinced the buyers that they wouldn’t make an offer on the house,” said one real estate agent, according to court documents.

Christensen also taunted and frightened the previous neighbours, who moved into the house in 2016 and moved out in December.

Her eccentric and even frightening behaviour earned Christensen the nickname “Neighbour from hell” as far back as 2013, when she was sentenced to a second consecutive five-year probation after pleading guilty to violating a restraining order.

She generated national infamy that year when her bizarre story made the airwaves on ABC News program 20/20 in 2013.

“We fear for our lives and for the lives of the renters and prospective home buyers and agents,” said the previous neighbours in court documents. “I am losing sleep. I even experience a physical reaction when I am faced with a situation that involves her. I start shaking and feel very sick to my stomach from fear. This feeling of fear and intimidation has increased significantly of late as we have prepared to sell our house.”

Christensen has previous convictions for domestic assault and violating a harassment restraining order. She posted a $US20,000 ($25935) bond yesterday and is due back in court on June 24.

This story originally appeared on the NY Post and was republished with permission.

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