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NSW Covid: Man claims to calculate Covid cases with maths equation

Jon-Bernard Kairouz left his audience bamboozled after making an accurate prediction for Wednesday’s 97 new coronavirus cases. An Aussie man claims to have uncovered a top-secret maths equation that allows him to calculate the following day’s coronavirus case numbers.


Using information issued by NSW Health authorities during Tuesday’s press conference, comedian Jon-Bernard Kairouz predicted there would be 97 new Covid-19 cases on Wednesday.

He made the declaration in a TikTok video uploaded Tuesday evening, and lo and behold, he was proved correct by Premier Gladys Berejiklian on Wednesday morning. Whether by sheer coincidence or some sort of mathematical process, as Mr. Kairouz claims, the accuracy of his prediction was undeniable.

With great confidence, he claimed he had taken into consideration the severity of the Delta strain and how many people were infectious while in the community.

“I know how many cases there are going to be tomorrow; no need for an update Gladys,” he told his audience.

“Given that there are 30 infectious causes in the community, plus how contagious the Delta strain is, you also have to factor in the circumference of southwest Sydney, plus the number of households in Fairfield with 11 children, I can conclude there’ll be 97 cases tomorrow,” he said.

He concluded the clip telling people to respond to his video “when I’m right.

While there may have been some early doubt over his prediction, his comment section quickly flooded with people shocked at his accuracy following Wednesday’s press conference. In response to dozens of people who couldn’t believe he was right, he smugly told them, “yes, I am correct. It’s simple maths”.

Many were swept up in the hype and requested that he also make a prediction for Thursday’s case numbers, to which he responded that he was “running the numbers”. While he was tight-lipped on his exact process, he promised a few viewers that his secrets would be revealed in a future video.

Some speculated that he had been leaked the number ahead of it being made public, but he denied he was in cahoots with anyone connected to the NSW Government.

Ms. Berejiklian announced Greater Sydney’s lockdown would be extended a further two weeks to the end of July due to ongoing high rates of community transmission. NSW recorded 89 new cases on Tuesday and a further 97 on Wednesday, 24 of those from within the Fairfield LGA.

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